Affenpoo Breed

Affenpoo Breed Guide: History, Characteristics, and Care Tips

Among the dog breeds now we are going to explain about the Affenpoo breed. Affenpoo is a beautiful, small, quiet, and mixed-breed dog. They have a monkey-like appearance, and that’s why they are famous among dog breeds. They have short muzzles and large, round beady eyes. 


They are low maintenance and more intelligent than other dog breeds but not cruel. Because they are very affectionate and always try to do some enjoyable things with children, these dogs are useful for families looking for easily trainable dogs.

Affenpoo Breed History

The Affenpoo breed doesn’t have a long history. Because they are a relatively new designer breed, but you can learn about the parent breeds. Affenpoo dogs, a hybrid breed resulting from the crossbreeding of an Affenpinscher and a Poodle, can inherit a mix of characteristics.

Affenpoo Characteristics

We have given some information about the characteristics of the Affenpoo breed below. Follow this information to get ideas about their characteristics.

Affenpoo Characteristics
  1. Size: Affenpoo is small and medium size. It depends on whether their poodle parents are small or medium.
  2. Height: 10 to 18 Inches
  3. Weight: 10 to 12 lbs
  4. Life span: 12 to 15 years
  5. Colour: They have different colours like brown ,black,  chocolate, tans and greys.
  6. Other names: Affendoodle
  7. Group:  Mixed-breed dog (affenpinscher- poodle mix)
  8. Appearance: The Affenpoo breed’s facial features are the same as a monkey’s appearance
  9. Intelligence: Affenpoos are intelligent like their poodle parents and very clever at different sports and training.

Affenpoo Health

If we talk about Affenpoo dogs’ health, they have some health problems like all other hybrid canine breeds. According to the following pieces of information, recognize your affenpoo’s health problems early and  It will help you to treat them well.

Affenpoo Health
  1. Sometimes, Affenpoo dogs’ health depends on their parents’ health because some genetic health issues come from their parent breeds.
  2. Affenpoo dogs have some food and environmental allergies. In times like that, get treatment for them from a veterinary surgeon. And also, they have some environmental allergies because of weather conditions. So protect your Affenpoo by providing shelter from heat and cold.
  3. If we talk about Affenpoo dogs’ exercises and weight management, it is very important for their good health. Because sometimes they have to face many health problems due to their excess weight. So exercise is the best solution to that problem.
  4. Their nutrition is also very important. According to their ages and sizes, they want good nutrition. So consult with a veterinary surgeon and get special dietary recommendations.

Affenpoo Features That Make Them Different From Others

Affenpoo has some special features. So you can control them easily. Let’s talk about those special features that make them different from others.

Affenpoo Features That Make Them Different From Others
  1. If we talk about Affenpoo size, this dog breed comes in various sizes like, small and medium. But they are smaller than other dog breeds, so their owners can control them more easily than other dogs.
  2. Affenpoo dogs like to play some enjoyable sports regularly. Because they want to keep their mind active. But Affenpoos don’t want as much exercise as some more active breeds.
  3. You know some dog breeds can’t be controlled and trained. But when it comes to Affenpoos, their owners can control and train them easily. Because the Affenpoo breed is very intelligent and they are quick learners. Therefore, they are more clever at training and problem-solving than other dogs.
  4. Affenpoos don’t always want to eat meat foods like other dog breeds. They like to eat vegetables like carrots and green beans.

Affenpoo and Their Owners

Everyone expects protection from their dogs. But when it comes to the Affenpoo, they can’t provide security to their owners well like other dogs. But they are alert about nature, and they bark at unusual noises.

Affenpoo and Their Owners

Do you know this?. Affenpoo dogs are very useful to people who are living alone. Because they help to reduce loneliness and they are very friendly with their owners. They like to stay happily with their owners’ family members. So you can enjoy your free time with them.

Let’s talk about the exercises. They want to exercise daily, just like other dog breeds. Therefore, their owners have to stay active as well. So, regular walks and exercises can help maintain a healthy lifestyle for Affenpoo and their owners.

Affenpoo and Children

If you want to raise Affenpoo as a pet, consider your small children spending time with them before adding them to your family. Affenpoo likes to play with your children always. But your small children can’t understand how to stay with Affenpoo. Although your children get angry with them, Affenpoo doesn’t consider it a problem. The best thing you can do is, teaching your small children how to stay with your Affenpoo without getting angry.

Affenpoo Price

Before knowing the Affenpoo price, Let’s talk about how we can find a good Affenpoo dog according to our lifestyle. First, research the Affenpoo breed and understand whether they are suitable or not for your lifestyle. After that, research their health and think how you can protect them well.

Affenpoo Price

To acquire an Affenpoo puppy, one can expect to spend approximately $800 to $1200 for the purchase. The fact that Affenpoo dogs are more expensive is not necessarily true. One advantage of their small size is that it requires less money to maintain and feed them compared to other dog breeds.

Affenpoo Breed Recognition

Affenpoo Breed Recognition

The following organisations have recognized the Affenpoo breed .

  1. American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC)
  2. Designer Breed Registry (DBR)
  3. Designer Dogs Kennel Club (DDKC)
  4. The Dog Registry Of America (DRA)
  5. The International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR) 


Among different kinds of dog breeds, the Affenpoo breed is one of the most intelligent and friendly breeds and has a positive impact. So in our opinion Affenpoo is  one of the best dog breeds to raise as a pet in your family. But they are not the best dog if you are concerned about security.

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