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American Curl Cats Care Guide – Everything to Know as a First Time Owner

This article is for cat lovers and welcomes them to the world of the American Curl, a breed that’s as endearing as it is unique, making it an idle choice for first-time cat owners. These curling American kittens are more than just their distinctive ears; they’re very friendly and adaptable and thrive in different household settings. Whether you’re living solo or with family members, this curl cat will seamlessly become a part of your whole family, and this care guide will help keep them healthy.

American Curl

Caring for these cats is surprisingly straightforward. In this review, we will provide you with each and everything that you need to know about this breed care. You should know all the steps that you can take when they are not well so you can maintain their overall health. While they are generally healthy, it’s vital to keep up with regular vet visits and pay more attention to their unique ears to prevent several infections. So to know more details go through our guide.


How do you take care of an American Curl cat? There are several ways to follow here but first, you need to learn about their characteristics. This breed is a unique gem in the feline world, known for its striking and curled-back ears. These kittens, emerging in the 1980s, these kittens are a blend of whimsy and elegance. Their ears, which curl in an arc up to 180 degrees, are a result of a genetic mutation giving them an eternally youthful appearance.

American Curl

These kittens come in both short and long hair varieties, and their coats can sport different colors and patterns, making each kitten a distinct masterpiece. American cats are medium-sized animals with well-proportioned bodies that are as agile as they are very graceful. Additionally, they are sociable and affectionate and adapt well to any type of environment, making them the best companions for both families and singles.

How long do American Curls live? The answer is they live between 12-16 years. Another common question that bothers owners is are American curl cats hypoallergenic? The answer to this is no; they are not hypoallergenic.

 American Curl Care

Caring for this cat is a delightful journey, and they need minimal grooming. These kittens boast a coat that is relatively low-maintenance, whether they are the short-haired or long-haired variety. Regular brushing, about once or twice a week, is enough to keep their coat healthy with a shine, and it also gives an amazing bonding experience. Their ears require gentle attention, and damp cloth aids prevent buildup and also keep them very clean. It’s crucial to handle their ears carefully to avoid damaging the cartilage. 

 American Curl Care

In addition, regular veterinary check-ups are a must to ensure that they stay happy and very healthy. This breed is adaptable and thrives in different living environments, but like all cats, they mostly appreciate a stimulating environment with scratching posts and toys. They are also known for their longevity, and with regular care, these friends can be a part of your life for several years. Can American Curl cats be left alone? No, they don’t like to live alone for a long time like other cats.

Common Health Problems

There are several common health problems to identify, and as a first owner, a good understanding of these makes you the best owner. These cats are generally an image of health, but like all cat breeds, they also have a few health concerns. Their ears demand special attention, as these cats can be prone to wax buildup and get some infections if they are not kept cleaned regularly. 

 American Curl Common Health Problems

The genetic diversity in this breed aids in reducing the risk of various diseases. However, it’s vital to maintain veterinary check-ups to catch any type of health problems early. These cute cats are also susceptible to common feline issues such as dental disease. So dental hygiene maintenance is a must. With proper attention and care, Curl cats are able to enjoy a long and very healthy life, bringing happy memories and companionship to your lovely home.


American Curl Appearance

This breed is a striking beauty in the world of cats, instantly recognized through their special backwards-curling ears. And these charming curls appear in cats as early as two to ten days after birth. They have muscular bodies, which add to their graceful appearance. Additionally, this breed can be identified in both long and short-hair varieties, with many colors adorning their silky coats. This breed’s elegant yet cute appearance, combined with their loving nature, makes them a special addition to any home of cat lovers.

Diet and Nutrition

The diet and nutrition of your cat are another part that you must pay good attention to as a first-time owner. Feeding Curling Americans the proper diet procedure is important for their health and well-being. These American kittens thrive on high-quality food that meets all their nutritional needs. It’s crucial to balance their diet procedure with both carbohydrates and proteins by ensuring cats get all the necessary minerals and vitamins. 

American Curl Diet and Nutrition

In addition, freshwater must always be available to keep them hydrated. Moreover, portion control is key to prevent their obesity problem, especially when your curly cat is less active. It’s also essential to tailor a good diet plan, especially if your kitten has different health needs. Moreover, a well-balanced diet will always keep your cat’s coat shiny, with a good energy level.

Where to Adopt or Buy an American Curl

If you’re seeking to welcome this breed into your family, adopting from a reputable breeder or any rescue organization is the best way to go. Because reputable breeders are always dedicated to the health and well-being of their animals by ensuring they are genetically sound and well-socialized cats.  

Where to Adopt or Buy an American Curl

Adopting them from a rescue group or visiting a local animal shelter can also be rewarding. Are American cats friendly? Yes, they are. While adopting, focus attention on identifying signs of good health and a friendly and outgoing temperament. You must take the health clearances and vaccination records as well.


Are you ready to welcome an American Curl into your heart and home? These cute cats, with their cheerful personalities and distinctive curled ears, make kind companions. Their low-shedding coat needs minimal grooming, but regular ear checks are important to prevent several infections. This American curl cat thrives on affection and also enjoys interactive play, making them the best kittens for families or individuals seeking a loving pet. If you like Munchkin cats or Egyptian cats, feel free to refer to these articles as well.

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